Triple Calendar Minute Repeater

We’re lucky to regularly see interesting antique pocket watches come in for restoration. One such example is this very fine 18ct Gold Full Hunter Triple Calendar Minute Repeater Chronograph.

The craftsmanship which went into producing pieces like this really is exceptional. The skills to restore such watches have slowly been lost over the years, though with the oversight of organisations like the British Horological Institute here in the UK (an organisation we are proud to support as official Business Partners), there are still watchmakers learning the skills necessary to work on a range of timepieces – both antique and modern.

We cover both bases in our workshops, as we can work on the vast majority of timepieces. From a modern ETA-movement powered Omega, to real specialist antique pieces like this.

As mentioned above, this full hunter pocket watch is a minute repeater. This means the watch chimes – striking for first the hours, then quarters of an hour, and then the individual number of minutes. This function is activated via a slide on the side of the case. The hours, quarters and minutes have their own distinctive tone, so it is easy to hear the correct time. The addition of this function into a pocket watch truly is a marvel of micro-engineering. Fitting the striking works, gongs and so on into a pocket watch case (as opposed to a clock) took real ingenuity.

To add to matters, this minute repeater complication is alongside a triple date (displaying the day, date and month) and a chronograph. The sheer complexity and level of workmanship involved meant such pieces were considered status symbols at the time, and would go on to become family heirlooms – handed down across generations. It’s always a privilege to work on such historic, quality timepieces and to restore them back to excellent working order.

If you have an antique pocket watch in need of restoration, do get in contact with us. From glass replacement to complete servicing and restoration, we are able to help.

Best wishes

David Clark PJ Gem.Dip. PJ Dip Cert GA
Managing Director

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