Dunhill Mechanical Watch Service and Repair

A brand we occasionally see in the workshop is Dunhill. These watches are always excellent quality and this clients watch is no exception.

This watch is one of Dunhill’s Centenerary models – released in 1993 to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Dunhill brand. It’s a beautiful watch with an art deco style dial, stainless steel rectangular case and a quality Swiss mechanical movement. This watch arrived working but not keeping time. The case was rather scratched too, so a full service of the movement as well as a case and refinish was in order.

The movement powering this watch is an ETA calibre 2660. This is a hand-wound mechanical movement with 17 jewels, running at 28,800 beats per hour. It’s a 7¾ ligne movement, so a smaller sized watch movement.

The watch is completely stripped down before the movement parts are thoroughly cleaned. We clean parts both by hand and then using a specialist watch movement cleaning machine – this way we can be certain everything is in good order and as clean as we can possibly make it.

After cleaning, rebuilding and oiling of the mechanism can begin. We use a number of different oils and greases in different parts of the mechanism. We follow the manufacturers guidance for this, including the use of epilame treatment on a number of parts to prevent the spread of oils. We fit a new mainspring as part of the service to ensure the source of power is in as good a shape as possible.

To refinish the case it is disassembled and given a thorough ultrasonic clean before we commence the refinishing process. To do this we use our variable speed polishing machine in combination with various different polishing mops and compounds. After a final ultrasonic clean we can reassemble the watch.

Yours sincerely

David Clark FGA DGA MJVA PJDip. PJGemDip.

Managing Director, JVA Registered Valuer®

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