Expert Pocket Watch Repair

Pocket watch repair and restoration is an area in which we specialise. Our Master Watchmaker is able to work on any timepiece from simple pocket watch mechanisms, to verge, fusee and repeater movements.

Repairing a pocket watch that could be 150 years old requires a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to ensure the integrity of the timepiece is retained. This may be through ensuring that the correct level of restoration is applied, and ensuring any replacement parts are put into the mechanism sensitively.

In some cases, our Master Watchmaker may have to hand-make the required part. This requires exceptional skill. A badly made part can damage the mechanism of a pocket watch over time.

If you would like to fill in the form above to request your FREE no obligation quotation for repair, we would be delighted to assist you. Alternatively, please Ask The Watchmaker directly if you have a question about your pocket watch or a particular repair you require.

We are specialists in the repair of:

  • Antique Pocket Watches before 1900
  • Pocket Watches after 1900
  • Fusee Movements
  • Verge Escapement Movements
  • Miniature Pocket and Fob Watches
  • Vintage Pocket Watch Repair

Below are some examples of pocket watches and pocket watch movements we have repaired:

Gold Pocket Watch

Gold Pocket Watch

Fusee Movement

Fusee Movement

J W Benson Pocket Watch

J W Benson Pocket Watch

1800 Pocket Watch

Silver Waltham Pocket Watch

Waltham Pocket Watch

Le Coultre Movement

Le Coultre Movement

Antique Enamel Pocket Watch

Antique Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch Movement

Pocket Watch Movement

Pocket watch repair, restoration and refurbishment: our credentials

Our very own Master Watchmaker has over 25 years’ experience repairing and restoring antique and vintage pocket watches to the highest level. We are one of the few jewellers in the UK to have our own Master Watchmaker. When you send your pocket watch to us for repair it is carried out in-house, rather than being sent away to a third party.

Disassembling the intricate parts of a pocket watch, correcting positional errors and replacing parts requires an extraordinary amount of knowledge and expertise. With our Master Watchmaker you can be sure your pocket watch is in safe hands.

Whatever style of pocket watch you have, whether it’s a Hunter, Half-Hunter or open-face, we have the expertise to restore and refurbish the case and carry out any movement repair. We are also experts in the repair of Swiss pocket watches. We are privileged to be working with one of the best dial restorers in the UK, so you can be confident that any dial restoration work is also carried out to an exceptionally high standard.

We work hard to offer exceptional service to our customers, so we were delighted to be voted regional Independent Retailer of the Year 2017. We also won Best Independent Fine Jeweller in the UK at this year’s Professional Jeweller Awards.

Our guarantee

From the moment we receive your pocket watch we will take care of it. Our Master Watchmaker will carry out any repair or restoration work with the utmost sensitivity and expertise. We are confident you will be delighted with the results, but for peace of mind we offer a minimum 12 month guarantee for all work undertaken.

Our fully insured FREEPOST service

You can ship your timepiece to us from anywhere in the UK using our Royal Mail Special Delivery FREEPOST service. Your pocket watch is insured for up to £20,000 throughout its postal journey, from the moment the package leaves your hand to when it is posted back to you. Before we carry out any repair work, we will discuss the estimated costs with you first.

If you have a vintage watch requiring attention, but you are outside of the UK, we can still help. You will have to organise shipping, other than that you can expect the same exceptional vintage watch repair service.

Come and see us

Feel free to bring your vintage watch into our Lewes or Uckfield showrooms. We would love to meet you and discuss your watch repair requirements with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding our service, or simply fill in the FREEPOST Envelope Request Form.

If you have any questions please call 01273 487816

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