Tag Heuer 2000 Watch Repair and Service

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of repairs for Tag Heuer watches. Our workshop is a Tag Heuer Authorised Workshop – this means we have been assessed to meet the standards required for on-site Tag Heuer repairs, covering the full range of interventions up to full servicing and repair.

This Tag Heuer is one of the 2000 range and dates from the mid-1990s. On our initial inspection, the watch appeared to be in decent aesthetic condition. The date change was a little sluggish so this needed looking into. We also found it to be very “clicky” when winding by hand – a sure sign that something is amiss. Otherwise, the hands set as they should, and the watch appeared to be running albeit with poor performance according to our timing machine.

On opening the case back the movement is revealed – a calibre 2824-2 automatic movement produced by ETA. These are excellent movements and we regularly work on them.

During disassembly, we found a number of faults. The winding pinion was worn – this was the cause of the clicking sound when manually winding the watch. The ratchet wheel teeth were also worn, so this needed replacing, as did the barrel where two teeth were almost completely missing.

The date jumper spring had weakened, so we needed to replace this. This would correct the fault with the sluggish date change.

As a Tag Heuer Authorised Workshop, we are able to order the required parts to complete this repair direct from the manufacturer. While they were not required in this instance, we are able to obtain case parts too, such as bezels, crowns, glasses, pushers and seals. Only authorised workshops can order these parts for Tag Heuer watches.

After a full cycle in our specialist watch movement cleaning machine, we can begin reassembly. We follow the manufacturer’s technical guidelines for correct assembly and use the specified oils and greases. This ensures the watch is running at optimal performance after servicing.

After a full service, this Tag Heuer 2000 watch is back to excellent working order. After closing the case back for the final time we pressure test the watch to its original rating of 200m before testing timekeeping performance using our Elma Cyclomotion automatic watch winder over a number of days. It is then ready to return to our client.

Yours sincerely

David Clark FGA DGA MJVA PJDip. PJGemDip.

Managing Director, JVA Registered Valuer®

W.E. Clark & Son Limited