Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 Service

We are able to offer a comprehensive repairs service for Tag Heuer watches. Our workshop is a Tag Heuer Authorised Workshop – this means we have been assessed to meet the standards required for on-site Tag Heuer repairs, covering the full range of interventions up to full servicing and repair.

This Tag Heuer is one of the Aquaracer range – these were introduced in 2004 and their roots stem from the Heuer Dive watches of the 1980s. This particular model is fairly recent – dating from 2016 and it had never been serviced since purchase.

On our initial inspection the watch appeared to be in decent aesthetic condition, though it was no longer working. The hand setting worked ok, as did the date change.

On opening the case back the fault stopping the watch from working presented itself – a screw had worked its way out of the train wheel bridge and wedged itself under the balance wheel. This can happen if screws aren’t tightened to the correct torque, or a shock may cause them to come loose. After removing the screw the watch started working, though it still needed a service to restore it back to excellent working order.

The movement this Aquaracer uses is the Tag Heuer Calibre 5 – this version is based on the Sellita SW200-1 movement. As part of the service we replaced the mainspring, ratchet wheel and both reversers.

As a Tag Heuer Authorised Workshop, we are able to order the required parts to complete this repair direct from the manufacturer. While they were not required in this instance, we are able to obtain case parts too, such as bezels, crowns, glasses, pushers and seals. Only authorised workshops can order these parts for Tag Heuer watches.

After a full service this Tag Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 watch tests to within chronometer standard on our Witschi Watch Expert 4 timing machine! After closing the case back for the final time we pressure test the watch to its original rating of 300m before testing timekeeping performance using our Elma Cyclomotion automatic watch winder over a number of days. After final quality control it’s ready to collect. Another lovely watch restored back to excellent working order.

Yours sincerely

David Clark FGA DGA MJVA PJDip. PJGemDip.

Managing Director, JVA Registered Valuer®

W.E. Clark & Son Limited