Tudor watch dial restoration

We receive watches in need of many different types of repair. Some watches will only need smaller jobs like a new battery or a crown fitting. Others require bigger interventions, or perhaps even multiple repairs. One of the most effective aesthetic repairs we offer is dial restoration. This is often conducted alongside full servicing. While we work on getting the watch movement back to excellent working order, we partner with one of the leading dial restorers in the UK who are capable of restoring watch dials – both modern and vintage – to excellent condition.

Dial restoration may be required if a watch is, for example, water damaged. If water enters a watch it is not only bad news for the mechanism, but it may damage the dial too. Water can affect the dial lacquer, damage the lume and even parts such as the hour indicator batons or numbers.

This Tudor watch dial was damaged all over – the lacquer was completely disintegrating and there was a very noticeable mark from where the hour hand had been dragging on the dial. After specialist restoration it’s back to fantastic condition. Our client was delighted with the outcome.

The exact process for dial restoration does vary from dial to dial, but generally it includes the following:

– The dial is photographed, stripped down and cleaned

– The dial is matched up with a corresponding dial plate (or if an exact match is not available there may be a very similar plate, we can advise on this)

– Surface work on the dial – removing pitting or scratches as best possible

– Background colour is applied, alongside specialist finishes where applicable such as sunburst or grained finishes

– Text is applied, matching the original dial as closely as possible

– The dial furniture (hour markers, date surround, other raised elements) is restored. Luminescent paint is applied where applicable

We always aim to achieve as close to the original finish as possible. That said, there may still be slight differences, though we will of course discuss these with clients before the work is conducted to make sure you are happy with the final results. As experienced watchmakers we can also advise you if dial restoration is in fact appropriate for your watch. It may not be as obvious as you think – some watches may be devalued by dial restoration, especially if the watch in question is collectable. Do get in contact with us if you have a watch in need of dial restoration – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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