Vintage Pocket Watch Restoration

A lot of the work we undertake involves bringing our customers very sentimental timepieces back to life. Today society is at times geared towards throw away and replace, we try to encourage something a little different. What we are offering is a specialist service to breath life back into lifeless timepieces, that have sometimes been residing in ‘that’ drawer we all have somewhere at home.

The wonderful aspect of my job is being able to receive, on many occasions, a watch that has a huge emotional story attached to it for our customers. They passionately ask us to get it working again, and most times this is possible.

We have been working away in the background with our Postal Watch Repair Service, with the retail side of the business being currently shut. It has allowed our master watchmaker to continue working on some of the more challenging restorations, that can take 6-9 months to complete. These such repairs are those very historical or complicated timepieces. One we have been able to release back to a customer is a Pair Case Pocket Watch that was made in 1790. I have been mesmerised just listening to this watch, with such a distinctive sound.

I wanted to share some photos of a pocket watch that we released back to our customer last week. When it first came into us, it was in a very poor state of repair. The front glass was missing, the dial was cracked and badly marked. The mechanism did not function at all, with as broken mainspring. The case is also very worn, but this was left as it was, to retain the character that the customer loved. They did however wish for the dial to be restored. Please see the before and after photos below. If you have vintage pocket watch restoration that you would like to discuss, please contact us.

My watchmaker sent me this video which I found fascinating. The video below shows him working on a beautiful piece and very special piece. It is a chiming repeater watch, this is a timepiece that chimes when asked to indicate the time, this particular one is a Carillon repeater. One of the few people in the UK who can work on such complicated timepieces.

If you have any questions, or indeed would like to see if we can help bring back your cherished timepiece to life, contact us.

David Clark P.J. Dip. P.J. Gem. Dip Cert. G.A.
Managing Director
W.E. Clark & Son and W.E. Clark & Son Watch Repairs

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