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    Do you have a vintage or old watch that hasn’t worked in years? At W.E. Clark & Son Watch Repairs we specialise in vintage watch restoration, from pocket watches to antique pieces. Based in Lewes, East Sussex, we offer our vintage watch restoration to all UK customers, including luxury brands so we can restore your Rolex watch and make it something to wear with pride once more.

    With a focus on luxury watch restoration, our Master Watchmaker is renowned for faithfully repairing antique watches and some of the biggest brands throughout history. Whether you are a collector or want to bring a family heirloom back to life, our watch restorers will work with you to find a sympathetic solution.

    How can you restore old watches?

    Our Master Watchmaker is a dedicated craftsman with vast experience repairing and maintaining original watch parts, such as complex repeaters and mechanical movements. If you think your dusty old pocket watch is a lost cause, consider a consultation with our expert team to see if it’s possible to restore it.

    We have a detailed understanding of complex watch movements, what it takes to get them in working order again and where to source original parts for the most accurate restoration. We restore popular watch brands such as Omega and Tag Heuer, sourcing original replacement parts to ensure your vintage watch retains its value.

    But if original parts cannot be sourced, our Master Watchmaker is an expert in making the intricate parts necessary for a restoration to the highest possible standard. This in itself is an artform but something we keep to a minimum to ensure that your watch is restored with original parts first and foremost.

    Restore vintage, old and valuable watches

    Watch restoration and repairs fall into a slightly different category than watch servicing as it is about retaining the historic qualities of each timepiece. As such, to faithfully and immaculately restore a vintage watch requires a great deal of experience and skill.

    Established in 1819, W.E. Clark & Son Watch Repairs enjoys the experience of four generations of restorations and repairs. Whether your watch needs some minor repairs or a full restoration from being in a damaged state, we are here to help.

    If you would like to discover how our Master Watchmaker can restore your vintage watch or pocket watch, you can bring it to our showrooms in Lewes and Uckfield or arrange for our fully insured freepost watch repair.

    We are specialists in:

    • Luxury brand watch restoration, including Tag Heuer, Omega and Rolex
    • Antique pocket watch repairs, pre-1900 and post-1900
    • Vintage watch restoration and refurbishment
    • Sourcing original parts for restoration projects
    • Crafting bespoke pieces when original parts are unavailable

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can an old watch be restored?

    One of the great joys of specialising in watch restorations is taking old watches that have seen better days and breathing life back into them. If you have a watch that has been tucked away in a drawer or you want to get your great-grandfather’s vintage timepiece working again, a restoration project can bring plenty of joy to your life.

    Is it worth restoring a watch?

    Watches are a special piece of jewellery that can be passed down through generations of a family. They can have a personal sentimental significance or be an investment worth holding onto. In each scenario, restoring the watch to working order is worth it to see those hands ticking once more.

    One question you may have to ask yourself is whether the watch restoration costs will be greater than the value of the watch. For sentimentality, we believe a restoration is always worth it.

    What is the average life of a watch?

    Mechanical watches are built to last a lifetime, so if yours has stopped working, restoration may be necessary to get it back to telling the time with precision. With regular maintenance, a luxury watch can last multiple lifetimes!

    Wearing your watch every day can cause wear and tear, which is expected, but watches that have been out of commission for a while need a specialist with the experience to understand the way their original parts work and can be restored.

    Watches we repair include: