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    Are you looking for a Watch Repair Service near you? Why not try our Royal Mail Special Delivery FREEPOST service, all watches are fully insured for up to £20,000 throughout their postal journey from the moment the package leaves your hand to when it is received by you.

    Established in 1819, W.E. Clark & Son is a fourth-generation family business. We are proud to offer the highest quality service at our Master Watchmaker’s workshop, in-house here at W.E. Clark & Son jewellers.
    W.E. Clark & Son has always offered a watch repair service, but in 2014 we launched our own in-house service employing the skills of a Master Watchmaker. We are one of the few jewellers in the UK to have a Master Watchmaker in-house. Service is of great importance to us and we are dedicated to providing first-class service to our customers. It made perfect sense for us to bring this in-house.

    Expert repairs carried out by our in-house Master Watchmaker, based in East Sussex.

    Are you looking for a specialist watch repair service near me? Our talented Master Watchmaker is an expert in all repairs including wrist, pocket and vintage watches. From repairing simple pocket watch mechanisms to the repair of verge, fusee and repeater movements, and other complex vintage restoration work, Watchmaker offers unparalleled expertise. Your timepiece is FULLY INSURED (up to £20,000) by us when using our Freepost Repair Service. All work is fully guaranteed for 1 year. Our services start from £45.

    Watches we repair include:

    Our services include refurbishment, servicing and part replacement. Refurbishing tired-looking watches and servicing all forms of timepieces are our passion and speciality.

    Watch Repair Near Me

    Send your watch through our fully insured FREEPOST Watch Repair Service to receive a quote for watch restoration with our Master Watchmaker. For local customers, come into our Lewes or Uckfield repairs store and we’ll be happy to discuss your repair requirements with you.

    With our Royal Mail Special Delivery FREEPOST service, all watches are fully insured for up to £20,000 throughout their postal journey from the moment the package leaves your hand to when it is posted back to you. We are confident you’ll be delighted with our repairs, but for peace of mind, a minimum 12-month guarantee is provided for all work undertaken.

    Our emphasis is on quality of care and ensuring you are happy from the very first time you contact us until after you receive your watch back fully repaired. We are passionate about offering first-class service at all times. We guarantee we’ll take care of your timepiece and carry out repairs with the utmost sensitivity and expertise.

    Quartz watches sometimes need repairs too. In fact, if you have a good quality quartz watch, chances are it can be fully serviced. To test quartz watches we use diagnostic equipment like this. In the image we are checking the consumption of the movement. Each movement has its own set of parameters - any readings outside of the specified range highlight a fault we need to explore. 
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    The right tools for the job - here we are removing the case back from an Omega Seamaster. Using equipment like this combined with the correct die and appropriate expertise negate the chances of causing damage to the back when it is removed. 
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    A Tag Heuer Twin-Time with us for a full service, mainspring, reverser, seals and pressure testing to the original rating of 50m water resistant. 
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    Shock protection! In this image you can see a top view of the lyre-shaped incabloc spring and jewel bearings. This system is commonly found in many good quality mechanical watches.
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    FREEPOST repair service

    We offer a fully insured postal repairs service for clients across the UK. Request your free pre-paid packaging and send your watch to us for a no-obligation estimate.


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